What to Look for in a Small Business Lawyer?

Most of the small businesses in the country rely on government contracts for their success. These businesses need the services of highly qualified and competent lawyers to represent them in a number of legal issues. Effective contracting advice is of great importance for entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs need advisory services and representation to ensure conformance to legal and regulatory clauses in the law.


You need to look at the work experience of the lawyer under review. Ideally, you should find a lawyer who has extensive work experience dealing with small businesses. The small business lawyer should be able to understand your business model before he offers his advice.

A good small business lawyer must be experienced in registering trademarks and should possess good knowledge of employment law. You would probably be interested in evaluating the small businesses that the lawyer has represented in the past. You can visit www.maitlandlaw.com/business-lawyer-orange-county/contract-law-and-disputes to know more about contracting lawyer Orange County.

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The mode of communication used by the small business lawyer should be convenient for you. You need to find a lawyer who uses personalized communication systems. Unlimited communication is very important. You need to get progress reports on a regular basis.

If you can get a lawyer who offers special billing arrangements it would even be better. Briefings whenever appropriate should be provided. Different lawyers make use of different communication systems; find a lawyer who is willing to accommodate your needs.


The majority of lawyers charge their clients for services rendered on hourly or minute by minute basis. This mode of charging is probably the best for a commercial litigation attorney. For your small business, you need to find a lawyer who will charge you a flat fee.

Alternatively, you can seek a lawyer offering a monthly membership plan. The monthly membership plan will allow you access to the lawyer when you need him. The two options will allow you to plan and budget for your legal expenses.


The lawyer you hire for your business is ideally part of your team; you need to find a lawyer with a good reputation. A lawyer who enjoys helping small businesses succeed is the best for the job.