What Tax Resolution Services Does an Enrolled Agent Offer

With a variety of tax consultants out there, you might not be sure what a registered agent can do for you, compared with a tax attorney or accountant. While they do not necessarily need to have specialized in tax law or accounting during their training, enrolled agents licensed by the IRS to assist taxpayers in negotiations with the organization.

All registered agent has either passed through a three-part examination of the IRS or former employees of the IRS and must engage in continuing education every three years. That means they are just as qualified as a tax attorney or CPA for the majority of tax resolution services. Research quality tax consulting firms to get Philadelphias Best IRS Resolution Services.

IRS Audit Preparation and Representation

Errors or suspicious numbers on your annual tax return can lead to an IRS audit, a time-consuming and frustrating examination of your financial records to determine whether you have to be honest and accurate in dealing with the IRS. If you receive a notice from the tax audit is to come, it's a good idea to secure the services of a tax specialist to help you prepare for your records.

A registered agent can also represent you during the audit, negotiating with and present proof to the IRS on your behalf. Many are very thorough in their preparation that you do not even have to be present in the audit, which can save you time and stress during an IRS audit process.