Understanding the Basics of Email Appending

Email has brought a change in our business pattern. Although spam threats have affected the effectiveness of e-mail, they remain the most effective marketing tool.

Traditional shipping and telephone costs are now considered an expensive direct marketing tool. An email has become a multi-channel global business communication media. It is therefore important that every business obtain an email address from their prospects.

What is the addition of email?

This is the process of matching customer databases that do not have email addresses with database addresses of third parties with the intent to add missing information to the client database. You can learn more about data appending and data enhancement at Marketsoft

How do I add email?

Adding Email is done when an organization that has a customer database containing a name, postal address or telephone number wants to start email communication with its client.

Email Marketing

Organizations hire service providers to add email, which has a large database, to add email addresses to their databases.

Service providers adding third-party emails will match the list of prospects with their database and add their email addresses accurately to the database. Adding involves manual and automatic processes.

After the addition process, permission is sought from the prospect to send email messages to them. Vendors on behalf of organizations usually distribute it.

The purpose of the permission message is twofold: To ensure that the address is current and accurate and to ensure that the address holder is willing to receive emails from the organization.