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Types of Glasses to Enjoy your Wine


There’s a reason why wine is poured in a specific type of glass. You can use mugs, jars, cups for drinking wine, however, pouring in a wine glass is the best way to experience and learn about the wine. If you’re wondering why wine is poured in various glasses, then these are some of the different types of wine glass used.

  1. Red Wine Glass – If you wish to learn about the flavors of the tannins and spices, then this type of glass helps you. One important tip would be to choose a glass consisting of wide opening. This opening will help you to learn various odors and smoothness of the wine.
  2. Standard Wine Glass for Red Wine –Wine consisting of medium to full-bodied along with high alcohol content can only be enjoyed in such type of glass. One of the main reason behind this is the presence of small openings that allows the wine to hit the throat directly. Syrah, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah are some of the best red wines to be enjoyed in such type of glass.
  3. White Wine Glass –This glass has a bowl-like appearance that preserves various flavors, aromas etc of the wine. You can enjoy white wines such as Chardonnay, orange and white Rioja wines.
  4. Bourgogne Glass –If you love enjoying red wine consisting of light and delicate aromas, then Bourgogne glass works wonders. This glass has a round large bowl that allows the wines aromas to get collected. Some of the best wines that works well in such a glass include Pinot Noir, Schiava, Freisa, Gamay etc.
  5. Bordeaux Glass –Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc etc are old wines that can only be enjoyed when poured in a Bordeaux glass. What makes this glass special is the fact the wine tastes a lot smoother that allows the alcohol to evaporate quickly.

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How to Choose a Fine Wine?


You must have noticed many people having a fancy dinner with a fine wine. And you must be wondering ‘how does that beautiful looking wine taste like does?’Well the answer to this is quite subjective. That’s because not everybody is a fan of wine. But those who are absolutely adore it. If you’re hunting for that perfect wine for you, then these tips will help you to search one.

  • Sweetness – Again this is up to your taste buds as wine comes in 3 different types – sweet, semi-sweet and dry. One thing you need to know is that dry wine is not going to be sweet at all.
  • Acidity –When it comes to acidity, wines come with high and low acidity level. Low acidity wines have a rich taste while high-acidity will have a tart taste.
  • Body –For body, a wine has full, light and medium. Wine body is referred to the feeling you get in your mouth on consuming. In general, red wines have full body compared to white wine. This is because, the red grapes are grown in regions having high temperature. While white grapes are grown in region with cool temperature.
  • Alcohol –Wines with high alcohol percentage will leave a warm feeling inside your throat and mouth. Generally, the lowest alcohol content found in a wine is around 5.5% while high alcohol content can reach a maximum of 20%.
  • Tannin –They are phenolic compound found on the surface of the grape. This compound is usually present while preparing wine. They are responsible to produce bitter-like taste inside our mouth. Tannins are also added artificially during the aging process of the wine.

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