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Wood Architecture: The Architecture of Oslo

Architecture is about buildings. Choosing the best service provider, in this case, can allow homeowners to get a well-designed home and their home renovation services can be a big success.

The area called Munch in Oslo was recently chosen by the government to project massive changes. 20 architects were invited to give their ideas for this transformation.  You can navigate ‘design and architecture’ (which is also known as ‘design og arkitektur’ in the Norwegian language) to get more information about wood architecture.            

The winner was chosen by a jury unanimously to become a complete and fully recommended museum project that creates great potential for recreational and urban development. The project successfully introduced a potential landmark standing respectfully to the east of Opera.

This new museum connection with Opera has become one of the strengths of the Lambda project

Another part of the Transforming Norway project was won by a Norwegian architect: Lund Hagem from Oslo. His proposal is called Diagonal which focuses on sending new libraries.

Their solution for the new Deichman Library is focused on:

– Integration with the city

– Views offered by visitors to the city (fjords, surrounding hills, and

Shortest connection to public transportation)

– Presentation to the public (announcing its presence to visitors arriving from the city of Oslo and the Central Station)

– Several entrances

– Distribution of light in the interior of the library

– Communication with the city (facade spreading sunlight, at night the building will shine and change appearance as a reflection of all the different activities and events in the library)