Physical Therapy: New Advances in Physical Therapy Treatment

Among the most recent, new advances in physical therapy care of patients with neck and back pain is something called spinal decompression? This is an improvement from the old spinal traction machine.

The concept remains the same, even though we now know, better, why this treatment works well for most patients. You can also get the best physical therapy in New York.

First, it's important to know why thorns hurt. Most of the time, the human spine is sick because of time, gravity and genetics conspire to cause our discs to become obsolete. These changes cause intermittent pain, at first. If we are lucky, we will live our lives without severe, constant or crippling pain.

An important question to ask is, "Are there effective ways to change the natural path of aging of the spine and, for some people, pain, and disability?" That's actually a question that is too broad. The question can be deconstructed into many different questions.

The most direct way to overcome this problem is to decompress the spine, for example, pull the spine apart. You can use a sophisticated spinal decompression table as I did, or you can try using a conventional traction table if that's what you have.

Professionals must know: Spinal discs have some regenerative potential as documented by CT scans that show increased disc height after a series of treatments. Histological (microscopic) and radioisotope studies show an increase in the number of cells in the disk.