Get a Clear Bra For Your Car’s Paint Protection

Have you ever passed an area that seems to have an overflowing bug? And it looks like you always pass these areas right after you wash your car so that when you get out of your car your newly washed vehicle is fully emblazoned with dead bugs.

It is a good habit to get rid of these dead insects as soon as possible because the longer they stay in your car, the more damage they cause to your car. Many bugs leave a little acid residue in your car that can cause damage to your paint job. If you don't want to constantly wash your car, you might want to see a clear bra installation. You can find rear bumper protector film to protect your car’s bumper.

Ferrari 488 getting Xpel Ultimate paint protection film on front bumper

A clear bra is a protective cover that you can install in a car that is barely visible to the eye. You know again having to use one of those horrible black leather bras to protect your car from dead bugs, flying pebbles, and falling debris.

The clear layer is made of polyurethane which is placed on top of the fenders, grille, hood, side mirrors, and your front and rear bumpers. You can choose how big your car wants to be protected by a bra, just discuss this with your clear bra installation worker at the dealer.

A clear bra will help protect your car and it's much easier to clean the bugs from the clear bra and it doesn't have to be done right away because the dead bug isn't directly on the car's paint job.