Facts About Marijuana Form Types and Medicinal Use

Marijuana is notorious for being the world's most commonly used illicit drug. With nearly 200 names, marijuana is collectively known as pots, grass or weeds.

Derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, the main (psychoactive) mind-altering ingredient in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), but more than 400 other chemicals can be found in the factory. There are many companies which provide Michigan marijuana transport services.

How long does the chemical from marijuana remain in the body?

THC is absorbed by most tissues and organs in the body and can mainly be found in fat tissue in the liver, lungs, and testicles. The body recognizes THC as a foreign substance and seeks to rid itself of chemicals, forming metabolites.

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A urine test can detect THC metabolites for up to one week after the user smokes weeds. Traces can be taken with a sensitive blood test from two to four weeks later.

How is marijuana used?

Cannabis and other products derived from marijuana are usually smoked, either in pipes or water pipes. However, most users will freely roll cigarettes known as "connections".

Some users will take the time to remove cigars and replace tobacco with marijuana, to make what is called "blunt." Unfortunately, both blunt and joints can be mixed with other substances, including crack cocaine or PCP, a very strong hallucinogen. This causes users to experience a substantially high change of mind.

Although smoking may be the main choice for users, that is certainly not the only route. Cannabis can also be brewed as a tea or mixed into baked products such as cakes or brownies.