An Introduction to the Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters now are equally effective as a water heater powered by more conventional electricity sources, namely gas and electricity. A solar hot water panel can heat water to the temperature of your home by up to 140 ° F.

There are two kinds of solar water heaters – active and passive. Both collect the radiant heat from the sun into solar hot water panels, and both can serve many needs of every household hot water, while at the same time, they can reduce much on energy costs.

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An active system circulating water (or other liquid heat-transfer) through the solar water pumps, while the passive system of circulating fluid (s) through the use of a process called natural convection.

Many factors affect how much hot water solar water heater can provide, most notably the type and size of the solar water heater is used, the climate at the site, and the quality of sites regarding solar access.

Whatever type of solar water heating system one uses; both utilize the same components, particularly: a collector and storage tank.

The most common type of collector is the "flat plate" solar hot water panel – a weatherproof, insulated box made of aluminum or other metal that holds, under one or more transparent covers, absorber plate.